Expand Your Business Brand

In this world of internet and increased use of mobile phones, streaming media and social media, how do you reach potential customers? Transit advertising — that's how!

Transit advertising is an immediate touchpoint with existing and potential customers. Transit advertising cannot be turned off, swiped left, clicked past, skipped ... it cannot be missed and will always have an audience!

JTA transit advertising reaches hundreds of thousands of motorists, pedestrians, and commuters every day where they work, live and play in the most efficient way possible. It reaches the masses, allowing you to reach more people and maximize your advertising spend.

Whether it's putting your ads on buses or placing your ads on particular streets or neighborhoods with bus shelter posters, JTA transit advertising will expand your business brand.

The Benefits

  • JTA has more than 150 buses on the road - all day, every day
  • All your potential customer has to do is leave the house to be exposed to transit advertising
  • Advertising options are suitable for nearly every budget
  • Reach customers you would never reach with other advertising
  • Lowest cost per thousand of any other advertising medium

The Solutions

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority offers a wide customer reach to include hundreds of thousands of our city’s commuters, pedestrians and transit system riders seven days a week, 24 hours a day. We offer a myriad of advertising, promotion and event sponsorship opportunities.

For more information on how to reach your customers via transit advertising contact:

Palmer Kuder
Business Development Manager