Transit Accessibility

As part of the JTA's standard of service for our customers with disabilities, we have ensured:

  • Drivers will provide assistance when boarding
  • Buses are equipped to announce and display the next stop
  • Buses and shuttles (including Connexion, Connexion Plus, ReadiRide, Express Select and Clay Community Transportation) are equipped with ramps or lifts, dedicated mobility device space, and have tie-downs
  • Low-floor buses have ramps for direct wheelchair boarding
  • Skyway trains are level with the platform for easy boarding
  • Service animals are always allowed on JTA vehicles (please see JTA's Service Rules and Policies)
  • Accessibility equipment is routinely maintained and repaired (when needed)

In addition, JTA offers exclusive paratransit services — Connexion and Connexion Plus — to serve the unique needs of our customers with disabilities or those who are transportation dependent. Connexion and Connexion Plus customers are also able to ride JTA's fixed-route bus service for free.


Transit Hubs, Bus Stops and Shelters

  • Transit hubs, shelters and most bus stops are fully accessible

Skyway Stations

The Skyway has seven stations including the JTA's main transit hub, the Jacksonville Regional Transportation Center at LaVilla.

The following Skyway features are in place for the safety and comfort of our riders:

  • Elevator access to the upper platform
  • Call boxes located at the stations and within trains to reach Skyway operations for assistance
  • Yellow truncated dome pads along along platform edges
  • Visual and audible train arrival announcements
  • Closed circuit televisions for the safety of our customers, allowing us to keep an eye on the Skyway's stations and inside the trains

All Skyway stations have elevator access to the upper platform and call boxes to reach Skyway operations for assistance (trains are also equipped with call boxes). Platforms feature yellow truncated dome pads along platform edges, as well as visual and audible train arrival announcements. And for the safety of our riders, closed circuit televisions allow us to keep an eye on the Skyway's stations and inside the trains.

Driver Training

JTA drivers undergo extensive training to operate our vehicles and ensure all our customers, including those with disabilities, experience a safe and enjoyable ride. In addition, drivers operating our Connexion shuttles must also complete specialized training to learn to assist customers who use our paratransit services. This training is focused on the unique needs of riders who use Connexion and Connexion Plus.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The JTA is committed to providing safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable service accessible to persons with disabilities.

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) protects against discrimination of individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, including transportation and job opportunities.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your rights under ADA, please contact JTA's ADA Coordinator at (904) 630-3181 or

If you feel you may have been discriminated against and would like to submit a grievance, please visit this page to File an Accessibility Grievance.

Reasonable Modifications

The JTA will accommodate passengers with disabilities who use our services by making reasonable modifications. When making a request, please thoroughly describe what modification is needed in order for you to use the service and the reason this assistance is necessary. It is not required for you to indicate this is a "Reasonable Modification" when making your request.

Whenever feasible, a request for modification to JTA’s service should be made in advance, before JTA is expected to provide the service. However, same-day requests will still be given equal consideration. JTA will review your request and make every effort to communicate in advance whether or not the requested modification can be made.

For more information or to make a request, visit the Reasonable Modification page.