Media Relations

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) Communications & Marketing teams are a resource for media outlets, independent journalists and the general public seeking information about our work. Press Releases and recent stories can be located on the Media Center page. 

Photography and Video recording on JTA property

Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) facilities and properties are public, with the exception of secure areas. Members of the media and the general public are free to photograph and/or record video in the public areas of our properties, and do not need to seek permission as long as doing so: 

  • Does not interfere with JTA operations
  • Does not interfere with an employee’s completion of their official duties

Restricted areas that require secure badge access are not public spaces, in accordance with JTA policy. If a member of the media or public would like to inquire about accessing those areas, they should reach out to the media relations contacts listed below. 

Media Relations & Requests for Interviews

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) values having a transparent and working relationship with our media partners. The JTA encourages media to reach out should they want to inquire about our services, conduct interviews with or seek information about JTA employees, our policies, or need information about press releases. We are happy to assist. Please contact: 

Lynn Opperman
AVP - Marketing, Communications & Customer Experience • Customer Engagement

JTA Social Media Policy

The JTA has established a Social Media Policy for employees and customers to follow. Through officially branded social media accounts, the JTA provides updates on our services, news and information related to our work. None of the information posted to a JTA social media page is exclusive to, or only accessible through those channels. The most current information about JTA services is located at This policy is subject to change. 

For specific questions about JTA services or to locate legal public notices, visitors should continue to access or reach out to JTA Customer Service at or (904) 630-3100 during normal business hours 

Communications made via comments on any JTA social media channel or page will in no way constitute a legal or official notice or commentary to the JTA for any purpose. The JTA cannot attest to the accuracy of all the information provided by third parties or any other linked sites. Posted comments and images do not necessarily represent the views of the JTA, and do not constitute an endorsement on behalf of the JTA.

As a reminder, communications with the JTA through social media channels is voluntary and subject to Florida Public Records Law, specifically Florida Statutes, Section 119. Generally speaking, social media and e-mail interactions are public information, and are subject to disclosure.

Comments & Moderation

The JTA encourages a respectful discourse on our social media pages. That includes your comments, ideas and concerns. Please be advised that your comments are immediately released into the public domain, so do not submit anything you do not wish to be broadcasted to the greater public, including your personally identifiable information.

Individual users are responsible for the content they post on JTA social media pages through comments, including text, video, photos, gifs, or other material. The JTA does not agree with or endorse every comment made on our social media pages.

Your comments are welcome at any time, however, the JTA will maintain a respectful and welcoming discourse in our comment sections as the JTA’s moderators deem necessary. The JTA’s social media staff uses restraint in removing or hiding comments but will so as a last resort. The JTA does not discriminate against any viewpoint but reserves the right to remove comments that:

  • Are abusive, vulgar, offensive, threatening, and defamatory or contain harassing language, personal attacks, or offensive terms that target specific individuals or groups or that incite illegal activity.
  • Are off-topic or that promote, endorse or oppose a service or product, political party, person campaigning for elected office or ballot proposition.
  • Are spam, including the same comment posted repeatedly or gratuitous links to third party sites.
  • Infringe on copyrighted or trademarked material, or is deemed an infringement of intellectual property.

The JTA maintains the right to remove entire posts at its discretion and without notice. Posts that are removed are archived, along with the full comment threads. 

Users who violate our social media policy multiple times over the course of a year, or are threating towards other may be blocked from interacting or viewing content as a last resort. 

The JTA’s social media channels and sites are not hosted by the JTA, and thus its privacy policies do not apply. By accessing or using each social media site, you are accepting the practices described in those particular sites’ privacy policy. Users are solely responsible for the content they post and should be mindful of that specific site’s Terms and Conditions.

Shared Content

From time to time, the JTA may also share content from other users, (as applicable for each social media channel), that we think is interesting or important to our followers and other users. The JTA is not responsible for the accuracy, currency or reliability of the content in these shared links. The JTA does not offer any guarantee in that regard and is not responsible for the information found through shared content or links, nor does it explicitly or implicitly endorse these sites, their content or official Comment Policy.

The JTA has no control over content, commercial advertisements or other postings produced by the social media site that may appear on the JTA page as part of the site's environment. 

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Public Records

Public records requests are handled by the Public Records Custodian and may be submitted in person, by phone or in writing: 

Requests must be for records in the possession of or prepared, owned, used or retained by JTA. Requests must contain identifiable records to sufficiently fulfill the request. The request submitter will be notified if JTA is not in the possession of or prepared, owned, used, retained by JTA and/or otherwise not subject to disclosure.

For more information, please visit the Public Records Page

Marketing and Advertising Opportunities

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority offers a wide customer reach to include hundreds of thousands of our city’s commuters, pedestrians and transit system riders seven days a week, 24 hours a day. We offer a myriad of advertising, promotion and event sponsorship opportunities.

For more information on how to reach your customers via transit marketing and advertising contact:

Palmer Kuder
Business Development Manager