Route 811 - Clay Express Select: Weekday Service

Service Schedules

The JTA's Route 811 - Clay Express Select starts in the heart of downtown Jacksonville and connects riders with Jacksonville University Campus (Downtown), 121 Financial Ballpark, Megabus Station, Friendship Fountain, Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville. Service runs on Weekdays. Visit the JTA Bus Routes & Schedules page at to explore the variety of routes available. On this page, you'll find comprehensive details for each route, including the areas served, key points of interest, and schedule timings. This resource is designed to assist riders in planning their journeys effectively, offering insights into how each route can facilitate access to essential services, recreational areas, and business districts across Jacksonville.

Service Alerts

There are no service alerts for this route at this time

Timetable - Weekday

Timetables show the trips you can take on the 811 - Clay Express Select route and each trip’s Timepoints (i.e., stops where buses wait for a designated departure time). To see a full list of bus stops on this route and an interactive map, click here.

Stop NamesBus Icon Trip Times
Clay County Park-N-Ride/Black Creek Station
6:25 6:45 6:10 6:40
Park Ave. & Wells Rd.
6:50 7:10 6:29 6:59
7:31 7:51 6:58 7:28
Stop NamesBus Icon Trip Times
5:20 4:45 5:15
Bay St + Clay St
5:27 5:47 4:54 5:26
Clay County Park-N-Ride/Black Creek Station
6:18 6:38 6:03 6:35
Park & Wells
5:28 6:00

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