Solicitations and Bids

The JTA's Procurement department is responsible for the procurement of all commodities, services, professional services, real property, construction, and any other goods or services for the JTA. The department is supported by professional staff who follow established policies and procedures based on city, state, and federal regulations and guidelines.

All bids are advertised on our Procurement Portal, as well as in the Financial News and Daily Record publications.


The JTA accepts all solicitations electronically via our Procurement Portal. This system not only allows JTA to receive bids remotely, it also helps us track vendor participation, ensure compliance, improve transparency and reduce evaluation time. Get started by logging in or creating an account or viewing open opportunities.

Procurement Portal


Invitation to Bid (ITB)

A solicitation, including all documents utilized for the solicitation, by JTA for goods or services where the award, if any, is to be made to the lowest responsible and responsive respondent.

Request for Proposal (RFP)

A solicitation in which JTA describes its needs in terms of performance standards or criteria for one or more elements of the solicitation and respondents are requested to provide (in addition to price or economic consideration, if applicable) descriptions and specifications of the goods and services which meet or exceed the criteria or standards specified or identifies a problem to be addressed by respondents.

Sole Source (SS)

The only existing source of an item that meets the needs of the User Department as determined by a reasonably thorough analysis of the marketplace.

Procurement Review Committee

All formal procurements over $325,000 must be approved by the JTA Board of Directors. Prior to review by the Board, they are reviewed by the Procurement Review Committee (PRC). Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held via Webex.

2024 Procurement Review Committee Meeting Schedule


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Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program

The JTA Procurement Department works closely with the DBE Program. To learn more about the program and to register, visit the DBE Program webpage

Selling to JTA

The process is Determined by Procurement Value

Less than or Equal to $250,000

Most goods and services which the JTA procures are obtained through competitive bidding. JTA may solicit either verbal or written quotes, depending upon the item's dollar value.
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Greater than $250,000

Purchases greater than $250,000 are subject to a formal procurement process. Depending on the scope of work or specifications, the JTA utilizes an ITB or RFP process.
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Additional Details

Contact Information

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Equal Opportunity Policy

JTA promotes equal opportunity in all forms including affirmative action in employment and contract participation by disadvantaged business enterprises.

Bid and/or proposal opening dates, times and locations are subject to change.

All bid and/or proposal responses must be date and time stamped by the JTA by 2 p.m. on the respective schedule opening day. The prospective bidder bears full responsibility to ensure that their bid and/or proposal is received at the proper place and time, whether the bid response is mailed or hand-delivered. The JTA assumes no responsibility for delays in U.S. Mail or any other delivery services.