Mobility Optimization through Vision and Excellence - MOVE

JTA MOVE 2027 Logo Final 02 (Updated) Copy

The JTA’s Mobility Optimization Through Vision and Excellence 2023 - 2027 (MOVE2027) Strategic Plan was developed to respond to current and future needs of Northeast Florida and sets an ambitious agenda for the JTA over the next five years to keep the Authority at the forefront of a changing region and mobility landscape. As the JTA and the region recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the time to think boldly about seamless mobility solutions for Northeast Florida.


Strategic Initiatives

The outcome of the MOVE2027 Plan is seven initiatives. INITIATIVES are business actions, projects, and programs that are grouped and aligned by key categories for achieving the JTA’s vision and goals over the next five years. Each initiative has unique branding to help tie in the JTA’s daily activities to the JTA’s goals and vision. Together, all seven initiatives have a common aim – to provide seamless mobility solutions for JTA customers.


Develop a stronger and more resilient organization prepared to meet any challenges ahead.

MOVE2027 Teamworks

Create a more convenient, nimble, and responsive transit network. Integrated mobility services provide the JTA’s customers with affordable, efficient, and equitable travel options to make complete trips.

MOVE2027 Transitworks


Build out multi-modal services and infrastructure for a safer and more resilient region.

MOVE2027 Mobilityworks


Improve the customer experience and make the JTA the regional integrator of mobility services.

MOVE2027 Customerworks


Establish a seamless transportation network across Northeast Florida.

MOVE2027 Regionalworks


Further its leadership in innovative and clean mobility solutions.

MOVE2027 Innivationworks


Leverage its resources and relationships with partners to strengthen the region.

MOVE2027 Communityworks